Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins


Apoptosis Proteins Inhibitor

Baculoviral Inhibitor Of Apoptosis Repeat Proteins

IAP Protein (Apoptosis)

IAP Repeat Containing Proteins

IAP1 Protein

IAP2 Protein

Inhibitor Of Apoptosis Protein

Inhibitor of Apoptosis 1 Protein

Inhibitor of Apoptosis 2 Protein

Inhibitor-Of-Apoptosis Protein

c-IAP1 Protein

c-IAP2 Protein

cIAP1 Protein

A conserved class of proteins that control APOPTOSIS in both VERTEBRATES and INVERTEBRATES. IAP proteins interact with and inhibit CASPASES, and they function as ANTI-APOPTOTIC PROTEINS. The protein class is defined by an approximately 80-amino acid motif called the baculoviral inhibitor of apoptosis repeat.