Intervertebral Disc Displacement


Disc Displacement, Intervertebral

Disc Displacements, Intervertebral

Disc, Herniated

Disc, Prolapsed

Disc, Slipped

Discs, Herniated

Discs, Prolapsed

Discs, Slipped

Disk Displacement, Intervertebral

Disk Displacements, Intervertebral

Disk Prolapse

Disk Prolapses

Disk, Herniated

Disk, Prolapsed

Disk, Slipped

Disks, Herniated

Disks, Prolapsed

Disks, Slipped

Herniated Disc

Herniated Discs

Herniated Disk

Herniated Disks

Intervertebral Disc Displacements

Intervertebral Disk Displacement

Intervertebral Disk Displacements

Prolapse, Disk

Prolapsed Disc

Prolapsed Discs

Prolapsed Disk

Prolapsed Disks

Prolapses, Disk

Slipped Disc

Slipped Discs

Slipped Disk

Slipped Disks

An INTERVERTEBRAL DISC in which the NUCLEUS PULPOSUS has protruded through surrounding ANNULUS FIBROSUS. This occurs most frequently in the lower lumbar region.