L-Serine Dehydratase


Ammonia-Lyase, L-Serine

Deaminase, Serine

Dehydratase, L-Serine

Dehydratase, Serine

Dehydratase, Serine-Threonine

L Serine Ammonia Lyase

L Serine Dehydratase

L-Serine Ammonia-Lyase

L-Serine hydro-lyase (deaminating)

Serine Deaminase

Serine Dehydratase

Serine Threonine Dehydratase

Serine-Threonine Dehydratase

A PYRIDOXAL-phosphate containing enzyme that catalyzes the dehydration and deamination of L-serine to form pyruvate. This enzyme was formerly listed as EC