Lab-On-A-Chip Devices


Analytical Device, Microchip

Analytical Device, Nanochip

Analytical Devices, Microchip

Analytical Devices, Nanochip

Device, Lab-On-A-Chip

Device, Microchip Analytical

Device, Microfluidic

Device, Nanochip Analytical

Devices, Lab-On-A-Chip

Devices, Microchip Analytical

Devices, Microfluidic

Devices, Nanochip Analytical

Lab On A Chip Devices

Lab-On-A-Chip Device

Lab-On-A-Chip, Microfluidic

Lab-On-A-Chips, Microfluidic

Microchip Analytical Device

Microchip Analytical Devices

Microchip, Microfluidic

Microchips, Microfluidic

Microfluidic Device

Microfluidic Devices

Microfluidic Lab On A Chip

Microfluidic Lab-On-A-Chip

Microfluidic Lab-On-A-Chips

Microfluidic Microchip

Microfluidic Microchips

Nanochip Analytical Device

Nanochip Analytical Devices

Microdevices that combine microfluidics technology with electrical and/or mechanical functions for analyzing very small fluid volumes. They consist of microchannels etched into substrates made of silicon, glass, or polymer using processes similar to photolithography. The test fluids in the channels can then interact with different elements such as electrodes, photodetectors, chemical sensors, pumps, and valves.