Laryngeal Muscles


Aryepiglottic Muscle

Aryepiglottic Muscles

Arytenoid Muscle

Arytenoid Muscles

Cricoarytenoid Muscle

Cricoarytenoid Muscles

Cricothyroid Muscle

Cricothyroid Muscles

Laryngeal Muscle

Muscle, Aryepiglottic

Muscle, Arytenoid

Muscle, Cricoarytenoid

Muscle, Cricothyroid

Muscle, Laryngeal

Muscle, Thyroarytenoid

Muscle, Thyroepiglottic

Muscle, Vocal

Muscle, Vocalis

Muscles, Aryepiglottic

Muscles, Arytenoid

Muscles, Cricoarytenoid

Muscles, Cricothyroid

Muscles, Laryngeal

Muscles, Thyroarytenoid

Muscles, Thyroepiglottic

Muscles, Vocal

Muscles, Vocalis

Thyroarytenoid Muscle

Thyroarytenoid Muscles

Thyroepiglottic Muscle

Thyroepiglottic Muscles

Vocal Muscle

Vocal Muscles

Vocalis Muscle

Vocalis Muscles

The striated muscle groups which move the LARYNX as a whole or its parts, such as altering tension of the VOCAL CORDS, or size of the slit (RIMA GLOTTIDIS).