Laryngeal Nerves


Laryngeal Nerve

Laryngeal Nerve, Superior

Laryngeal Nerves, Superior

Nerve, Laryngeal

Nerve, Superior Laryngeal

Nerves, Laryngeal

Nerves, Superior Laryngeal

Superior Laryngeal Nerve

Superior Laryngeal Nerves

Branches of the VAGUS NERVE. The superior laryngeal nerves originate near the nodose ganglion and separate into external branches, which supply motor fibers to the cricothyroid muscles, and internal branches, which carry sensory fibers. The RECURRENT LARYNGEAL NERVE originates more caudally and carries efferents to all muscles of the larynx except the cricothyroid. The laryngeal nerves and their various branches also carry sensory and autonomic fibers to the laryngeal, pharyngeal, tracheal, and cardiac regions.