Leukotriene C4


Glycine, N-(S-(1-(4-carboxy-1-hydroxybutyl)-2,4,6,9-pentadecatetraenyl)-N-L-gamma-glutamyl-L-cysteinyl)-, (R-(R*,S*-(E,E,Z,Z)))-


Leukotriene C

Leukotriene C 1

Leukotriene C 4

Leukotriene C-1

Leukotriene C-4

Leukotriene C1

Leukotrienes C

The conjugation product of LEUKOTRIENE A4 and glutathione. It is the major arachidonic acid metabolite in macrophages and human mast cells as well as in antigen-sensitized lung tissue. It stimulates mucus secretion in the lung, and produces contractions of nonvascular and some VASCULAR SMOOTH MUSCLE. (From Dictionary of Prostaglandins and Related Compounds, 1990)