Lipoproteins, VLDL


Lipoprotein VLDL II

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Lipoproteins, VLDL1

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Lipoproteins, Very-Low-Density

Pre beta Lipoproteins


Prebeta Lipoproteins


VLDL Lipoproteins

VLDL1 Lipoproteins

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Very Low Density Lipoproteins

Very-Low-Density Lipoproteins

A class of lipoproteins of very light (0.93-1.006 g/ml) large size (30-80 nm) particles with a core composed mainly of TRIGLYCERIDES and a surface monolayer of PHOSPHOLIPIDS and CHOLESTEROL into which are imbedded the apolipoproteins B, E, and C. VLDL facilitates the transport of endogenously made triglycerides to extrahepatic tissues. As triglycerides and Apo C are removed, VLDL is converted to INTERMEDIATE-DENSITY LIPOPROTEINS, then to LOW-DENSITY LIPOPROTEINS from which cholesterol is delivered to the extrahepatic tissues.