Liver X Receptors


LXR Alpha Protein

LXR-Alpha Protein

LXR-Alpha, Oxysterols Receptor

LXR-Beta, Oxysterols Receptor

LXRalpha Protein

LXRbeta Protein

Liver X Receptor

Liver X Receptor Alpha

Liver X Receptor Beta

Liver X Receptor-Alpha

Liver X Receptor-Beta

NR1H2 Protein

NR1H3 Protein

Nuclear Orphan Receptor LXR Alpha

Nuclear Orphan Receptor LXR-Alpha

Nuclear Oxysterol Receptors

Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 1, Group H, Member 2

Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 1, Group H, Member 3

Oxysterol Receptors, Nuclear

Oxysterols Receptor LXR Alpha

Oxysterols Receptor LXR Beta

Oxysterols Receptor LXR-Alpha

Oxysterols Receptor LXR-Beta

Nuclear receptors that bind OXYSTEROLS and function as heterodimers with RETINOID X RECEPTORS. They have important functions in regulating cholesterol homeostasis, ENERGY METABOLISM; INFLAMMATION; and the immune response.