Major Histocompatibility Complex


Complex, Histocompatibility

Complex, Major Histocompatibility

Complices, Histocompatibility

Complices, Major Histocompatibility

Histocompatibility Complex

Histocompatibility Complex, Major

Histocompatibility Complices

Histocompatibility Complices, Major

Major Histocompatibility Complices

The genetic region which contains the loci of genes which determine the structure of the serologically defined (SD) and lymphocyte-defined (LD) TRANSPLANTATION ANTIGENS, genes which control the structure of the IMMUNE RESPONSE-ASSOCIATED ANTIGENS, HUMAN; the IMMUNE RESPONSE GENES which control the ability of an animal to respond immunologically to antigenic stimuli, and genes which determine the structure and/or level of the first four components of complement.