Margins of Excision


Excision Margin

Excision Margins

Margin, Resection

Margin, Surgical

Margin, Tumor-Free

Margins, Resection

Margins, Surgical

Margins, Tumor-Free

Negative Surgical Margin

Negative Surgical Margins

Positive Surgical Margin

Positive Surgical Margins

Resection Margin

Resection Margins

Surgical Margin

Surgical Margin, Negative

Surgical Margin, Positive

Surgical Margins

Surgical Margins, Negative

Surgical Margins, Positive

Tumor Free Margins

Tumor-Free Margin

Tumor-Free Margins

The edges of tissue removed in a surgery for assessment of the effectiveness of a surgical procedure in achieving the local control of a neoplasm and the adequacy of tumor removal. When the margin is negative or not involved by tumor (e.g., CANCER) it suggests all of the tumor has been removed by the surgery.

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