Mastectomy, Segmental


Breast Conservation Therapies

Breast Conservation Therapy

Breast Conserving Surgery

Breast Quadrantectomies

Breast Quadrantectomy

Breast Sparing Surgery

Breast-Conserving Surgeries

Breast-Conserving Surgery

Breast-Sparing Surgeries

Breast-Sparing Surgery

Conservation Therapies, Breast

Conservation Therapy, Breast

Limited Resection Mastectomies

Limited Resection Mastectomy

Local Excision Mastectomies

Local Excision Mastectomy



Mastectomies, Limited Resection

Mastectomies, Local Excision

Mastectomies, Partial

Mastectomies, Segmental

Mastectomy, Limited Resection

Mastectomy, Local Excision

Mastectomy, Partial

Partial Mastectomies

Partial Mastectomy

Quadrantectomies, Breast

Quadrantectomy, Breast

Segmental Mastectomies

Segmental Mastectomy



Surgeries, Breast-Conserving

Surgeries, Breast-Sparing

Surgery, Breast Conserving

Surgery, Breast-Conserving

Surgery, Breast-Sparing

Removal of only enough breast tissue to ensure that the margins of the resected surgical specimen are free of tumor.