Clover, Sweet

Clover, Yellow Sweet

Clovers, Sweet

Clovers, Yellow Sweet

Common Melilot

Common Melilots

Field Melilot

Field Melilots

Melilot, Common

Melilot, Field

Melilots, Common

Melilots, Field

Melilotus officinalis

Sweet Clover

Sweet Clover, Yellow

Sweet Clovers

Sweet Clovers, Yellow

Sweetclover, Yellow

Sweetclovers, Yellow

Yellow Sweet Clover

Yellow Sweet Clovers

Yellow Sweetclover

Yellow Sweetclovers

A plant genus of the family FABACEAE. Molded yellow sweet clover hay, in which the coumarin of sweet clover is converted to DICOUMAROL, is the causative agent of a hemorrhagic disorder in cattle - "hemorrhagic sweet clover disease" and featured in the history of anticoagulant drug development.