Melinis repens


Grass, Natal

Grass, Rose Natal

Melinis repen

Natal Grass

Natal Grass, Rose

Rhynchelytrum repen

Rhynchelytrum repens

Rhynchelytrum roseum

Rhynchelytrum roseums

Rose Natal Grass

Saccharum repen

Saccharum repens

Tricholaena repen

Tricholaena repens

Tricholaena rosea nee

Tricholaena rosea nees

nee, Tricholaena rosea

repen, Melinis

repen, Saccharum

repen, Tricholaena

repens, Rhynchelytrum

rosea nee, Tricholaena

rosea nees, Tricholaena

roseum, Rhynchelytrum

Formerly known as Rhynchelytrum repens, a member of the perennial grass family native to South Africa, widely distributed and known by different common names. It is used as a diabetes cure in folk medicine and actively studied for its hypoglycemic properties.