Multifactorial Inheritance


Character, Polygenic

Characters, Polygenic

Inheritance, Multifactorial

Inheritance, Oligogenic

Inheritance, Polygenic

Inheritances, Multifactorial

Inheritances, Oligogenic

Inheritances, Polygenic

Multifactorial Inheritances

Oligogenic Inheritance

Oligogenic Inheritances

Oligogenic Trait

Oligogenic Traits

Polygenic Character

Polygenic Characters

Polygenic Inheritance

Polygenic Inheritances

Polygenic Trait

Polygenic Traits

Trait, Oligogenic

Trait, Polygenic

Traits, Oligogenic

Traits, Polygenic

A phenotypic outcome (physical characteristic or disease predisposition) that is determined by more than one gene. Polygenic refers to those determined by many genes, while oligogenic refers to those determined by a few genes.