Muscle Hypertonia


Detrusor Muscle Hypertonia

Detrusor Muscle Hypertonias



Hypertonia, Detrusor Muscle

Hypertonia, Infantile

Hypertonia, Muscle

Hypertonia, Neonatal

Hypertonia, Sphincter

Hypertonia, Transient

Hypertonias, Detrusor Muscle

Hypertonias, Infantile

Hypertonias, Muscle

Hypertonias, Neonatal

Hypertonias, Sphincter

Hypertonias, Transient

Hypertonicities, Muscular

Hypertonicity, Muscular

Increased, Muscle Tone

Infantile Hypertonia

Infantile Hypertonias

Muscle Hypertonia, Detrusor

Muscle Hypertonias

Muscle Hypertonias, Detrusor

Muscle Tone Increased

Muscular Hypertonicities

Muscular Hypertonicity

Neonatal Hypertonia

Neonatal Hypertonias

Sphincter Hypertonia

Sphincter Hypertonias

Tone Increased, Muscle

Transient Hypertonia

Transient Hypertonias

Abnormal increase in skeletal or smooth muscle tone. Skeletal muscle hypertonicity may be associated with PYRAMIDAL TRACT lesions or BASAL GANGLIA DISEASES.