Myelin Proteolipid Protein


Folch Lees Protein

Folch PI Proteolipid Protein

Folch-Lees Protein

Folch-PI Proteolipid Protein

Myelin PLP

PLP, Myelin

Protein, Folch-Lees

Protein, Folch-PI Proteolipid

Protein, Myelin Proteolipid

Proteolipid Protein, Folch-PI

Proteolipid Protein, Myelin

A myelin protein that is the major component of the organic solvent extractable lipoprotein complexes of whole brain. It has been the subject of much study because of its unusual physical properties. It remains soluble in chloroform even after essentially all of its bound lipids have been removed. (From Siegel et al., Basic Neurochemistry, 4th ed, p122)