Myosin Subfragments


ATPase, Actin S1

ATPase, Actin-S1

Actin S1 ATPase

Actin-S1 ATPase

Actoheavy Meromyosin

Actomyosin Subfragment 1 ATPase

Actomyosin Subfragments

H Meromyosin


Heavy Meromyosin

Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment 1

Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment 2

Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment-1

Heavy Meromyosin Subfragment-2

Light Meromyosin

Meromyosin Subfragment-1, Heavy

Meromyosin Subfragment-2, Heavy

Meromyosin Subfragments

Meromyosin, Actoheavy

Meromyosin, Heavy

Meromyosin, Light

Myosin Rod

Myosin S 1

Myosin S 2

Myosin S-1

Myosin S-2

Myosin Subfragment 1

Myosin Subfragment 2

Myosin Subfragment-1

Myosin Subfragment-2

Subfragment-1, Heavy Meromyosin

Subfragment-1, Myosin

Subfragment-2, Heavy Meromyosin

Subfragment-2, Myosin

Subfragments, Actomyosin

Subfragments, Meromyosin

Subfragments, Myosin

Parts of the myosin molecule resulting from cleavage by proteolytic enzymes (PAPAIN; TRYPSIN; or CHYMOTRYPSIN) at well-localized regions. Study of these isolated fragments helps to delineate the functional roles of different parts of myosin. Two of the most common subfragments are myosin S-1 and myosin S-2. S-1 contains the heads of the heavy chains plus the light chains and S-2 contains part of the double-stranded, alpha-helical, heavy chain tail (myosin rod).