N-Terminal Acetyltransferases


Acetyltransferase, Peptide N-alpha

Acetyltransferases, N-Terminal

Amino Terminal Amino Acid Acetylating Enzymes

Amino-Terminal Amino Acid-Acetylating Enzymes

N Terminal Acetyltransferases

N alpha Acetyltransferases

N-alpha Acetyltransferase, Peptide


N-alpha-Acetyltransferases, Peptide

Peptide N alpha Acetyltransferase

Peptide N alpha Acetyltransferases

Peptide N-alpha Acetyltransferase

Peptide N-alpha-Acetyltransferases

Enzymes that catalyze the transfer of an acetyl group, usually from ACETYL COENZYME A, to the N-terminus of a peptide chain.