Nogo Receptor 1


NgR1 Protein

Nogo 66 Receptor

Nogo-66 Receptor

Protein, NgR1

Protein, RTN4R

RTN4R Protein

Receptor, Nogo-66

Receptor, Reticulon-4

Reticulon 4 Receptor

Reticulon-4 Receptor

A high affinity receptor for myelin-associated inhibitors (MAIs) that include NOGO-A PROTEIN; OLIGODENDROCYTE MYELIN GLYCOPROTEIN; and MYELIN-ASSOCIATED GLYCOPROTEIN. It is expressed primarily by neurons in the brain and OLFACTORY BULBS. During embryonic development, it is expressed in the PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM. It localizes to GROWTH CONES and may inhibit neurite outgrowth following SPINAL INJURY.