Nonlinear Dynamics


Chaos Theories

Chaos Theory

Dynamics, Non-linear

Dynamics, Nonlinear

Model, Non-linear

Model, Nonlinear

Models, Non-linear

Models, Nonlinear

Non linear Dynamics

Non linear Models

Non-linear Dynamic

Non-linear Dynamics

Non-linear Model

Non-linear Models

Nonlinear Dynamic

Nonlinear Model

Nonlinear Models

Theories, Chaos

Theory, Chaos

The study of systems which respond disproportionately (nonlinearly) to initial conditions or perturbing stimuli. Nonlinear systems may exhibit "chaos" which is classically characterized as sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Chaotic systems, while distinguished from more ordered periodic systems, are not random. When their behavior over time is appropriately displayed (in "phase space"), constraints are evident which are described by "strange attractors". Phase space representations of chaotic systems, or strange attractors, usually reveal fractal (FRACTALS) self-similarity across time scales. Natural, including biological, systems often display nonlinear dynamics and chaos.

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