Nucleoside Q


4H-Pyrrolo(2,3-d)pyrimidin-4-one, 2-amino-5-(((4,5-dihydroxy-2-cyclopenten-1-yl)amino)methyl)-1,7-dihydro-7-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-, (1S-(1alpha,4beta,5beta))-

Nucleoside Q*

Q Nucleoside

Q Ribonucleoside



A modified nucleoside which is present in the first position of the anticodon of tRNA-tyrosine, tRNA-histidine, tRNA-asparagine and tRNA-aspartic acid of many organisms. It is believed to play a role in the regulatory function of tRNA. Nucleoside Q can be further modified to nucleoside Q*, which has a mannose or galactose moiety linked to position 4 of its cyclopentenediol moiety.