Interfascicular Oligodendroglia

Interfascicular Oligodendroglias


Oligodendrocyte, Perineuronal Satellite


Oligodendrocytes, Perineuronal Satellite

Oligodendroglia, Interfascicular

Oligodendroglia, Perineuronal

Oligodendroglia, Perivascular

Perineuronal Oligodendroglia

Perineuronal Satellite Oligodendrocyte

Perineuronal Satellite Oligodendrocytes

Perineuronal Satellite Oligodendroglia Cells

Perivascular Oligodendroglia

Satellite Cells, Perineuronal, Oligodendroglia

Satellite Oligodendrocyte, Perineuronal

Satellite Oligodendrocytes, Perineuronal

A class of large neuroglial (macroglial) cells in the central nervous system. Oligodendroglia may be called interfascicular, perivascular, or perineuronal (not the same as SATELLITE CELLS, PERINEURONAL of GANGLIA) according to their location. They form the insulating MYELIN SHEATH of axons in the central nervous system.