omega-Conotoxin GVIA


Conus geographus Toxin

Conus geographus Toxin GVIA

GVIA, omega-CgTX

GVIA, omega-Conotoxin

Toxin, Conus geographus

geographus Toxin, Conus

geographus toxin, omega-Conus

omega CgTX

omega CgTX GVIA

omega Conotoxin GVIA

omega Conus geographus toxin


omega-CgTX GVIA

omega-Conus geographus toxin

toxin, omega-Conus geographus

A neurotoxic peptide, which is a cleavage product (VIa) of the omega-Conotoxin precursor protein contained in venom from the marine snail, CONUS geographus. It is an antagonist of CALCIUM CHANNELS, N-TYPE.