Orexin Receptors


HCRT Receptor 1

HCRT Receptor 2

HCTR2 Protein

Hypocretin 1 Receptor

Hypocretin 2 Receptor

Hypocretin Receptor 2

Hypocretin Receptors

Hypocretin Receptors 2

Hypocretin-1 Receptor

Hypocretin-2 Receptor

OX1 Receptors

OX2 Receptors

Orexin A Receptor

Orexin A Receptors

Orexin B Receptor

Orexin B Receptors

Orexin Receptor 2

Orexin Receptor Type 1

Orexin Receptor Type 2

Orexin-A Receptor

Orexin-A Receptors

Orexin-B Receptor

Orexin-B Receptors

Protein, HCTR2

Receptor 1, HCRT

Receptor 2, HCRT

Receptor 2, Hypocretin

Receptor 2, Orexin

Receptor, Hypocretin-1

Receptor, Hypocretin-2

Receptor, Orexin A

Receptor, Orexin B

Receptor, Orexin-A

Receptor, Orexin-B

Receptors 2, Hypocretin

Receptors, Hypocretin

Receptors, OX1

Receptors, OX2

Receptors, Orexin

Receptors, Orexin-A

Receptors, Orexin-B

G-protein-coupled NEUROPEPTIDE RECEPTORS that have specificity for OREXINS and play a role in appetite control, and sleep-wake cycles. Two principle receptor types exist, each having a specificity for OREXIN A and OREXIN B peptide subtypes.