Orf virus


Contagious Ecthyma Virus of Sheep

Contagious Pustular Dermatitis Virus of Sheep

Contagious ecthyma virus

Contagious ecthyma viruses

Contagious pustular dermatitis virus

Ecthyma contagiosum Virus

Ecthyma contagiosum Viruses

Orf viruses

Sheep Contagious Ecthyma Virus

Sheep Contagious Pustular Dermatitis Virus

Virus, Ecthyma contagiosum

Viruses, Ecthyma contagiosum

ecthyma viruses, Contagious

virus, Contagious ecthyma

viruses, Contagious ecthyma

viruses, Orf

The type species of PARAPOXVIRUS which causes a skin infection in natural hosts, usually young sheep. Humans may contract local skin lesions by contact. The virus apparently persists in soil.