Orthoreovirus, Mammalian


Mammalian Orthoreovirus

Mammalian Orthoreovirus 1

Mammalian Orthoreovirus 2

Mammalian Orthoreoviruses

Mammalian Reovirus 1

Mammalian Reovirus 1s

Mammalian Reovirus 2

Orthoreoviruses, Mammalian

Reovirus 1

Reovirus 2

Reovirus Type 1

Reovirus Type 2

A species of ORTHOREOVIRUS infecting mammals (other than baboons). There are four serotypes. In humans they are generally benign but may sometimes cause upper respiratory tract illness or enteritis in infants and children. MAMMALIAN ORTHOREOVIRUS 3 is a very pathogenic virus in laboratory rodents.