Osteolysis, Essential


Bone Disease, Disappearing

Cystic Angiomatosis Of Bone, Diffuse

Disappearing Bone Disease

Essential Osteolyses

Essential Osteolysis

Gorham Disease

Gorham-Stout Disease

Idiopathic Multicentric Osteolyses

Idiopathic Multicentric Osteolysis

Massive Osteolyses

Massive Osteolysis

Multicentric Osteolyses, Idiopathic

Multicentric Osteolysis, Idiopathic

Osteolyses, Essential

Osteolyses, Idiopathic Multicentric

Osteolyses, Massive

Osteolysis, Idiopathic Multicentric

Osteolysis, Massive

Syndromes of bone destruction where the cause is not obvious such as neoplasia, infection, or trauma. The destruction follows various patterns: massive (Gorham disease), multicentric (HAJDU-CHENEY SYNDROME), or carpal/tarsal.