Partial Thromboplastin Time


Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time

Cephalin Kaolin Coagulation Time

Cephalin-Kaolin Coagulation Time

Coagulation Time, Cephalin Kaolin

Coagulation Time, Cephalin-Kaolin

Coagulation Time, Kaolin-Cephalin

Kaolin Cephalin Coagulation Time

Kaolin-Cephalin Coagulation Time

Thromboplastin Time, Partial

The time required for the appearance of FIBRIN strands following the mixing of PLASMA with phospholipid platelet substitute (e.g., crude cephalins, soybean phosphatides). It is a test of the intrinsic pathway (factors VIII, IX, XI, and XII) and the common pathway (fibrinogen, prothrombin, factors V and X) of BLOOD COAGULATION. It is used as a screening test and to monitor HEPARIN therapy.