PAX6 Transcription Factor


Aniridia Type II Protein

Factor PAX6, Transcription

Factor, PAX6 Transcription


PAX6 Protein

PAX6, Transcription Factor

Paired Box Gene 6 Protein

Paired Box Protein Pax 6

Paired Box Protein Pax-6

Paired Box Transcription Factor 6

Pax 6 Protein

Pax-6 Protein

Pax6.1 Protein

Pax6.2 Protein

Protein, PAX6

Protein, Pax-6

Protein, Pax6.1

Protein, Pax6.2

Transcription Factor PAX6

Transcription Factor, PAX6

A paired box transcription factor that has important functions in the development of the eye, nose, central nervous system and pancreas. Mutations in the PAX6 gene are associated with ocular disorders such as ANIRIDIA.