Cavities, Pericardial

Cavity, Pericardial


Fibrous Pericardium

Parietal Pericardium

Pericardial Cavities

Pericardial Cavity

Pericardial Space

Pericardial Spaces

Pericardium, Fibrous

Pericardium, Parietal

Pericardium, Serous

Pericardium, Visceral

Pericardiums, Fibrous

Pericardiums, Serous

Serous Pericardium

Serous Pericardiums

Space, Pericardial

Spaces, Pericardial

Visceral Pericardium

A conical fibro-serous sac surrounding the HEART and the roots of the great vessels (AORTA; VENAE CAVAE; PULMONARY ARTERY). Pericardium consists of two sacs: the outer fibrous pericardium and the inner serous pericardium. The latter consists of an outer parietal layer facing the fibrous pericardium, and an inner visceral layer (epicardium) resting next to the heart, and a pericardial cavity between these two layers.