Peritoneal Stomata


Diaphragmatic Stoma

Diaphragmatic Stomas

Diaphragmatic Stomata

Diaphragmatic Stomatas

Lymphatic Stoma

Lymphatic Stomas

Lymphatic Stomata

Peritoneal Stoma

Peritoneal Stomas

Stoma, Diaphragmatic

Stoma, Lymphatic

Stoma, Peritoneal

Stomas, Diaphragmatic

Stomas, Lymphatic

Stomas, Peritoneal

Stomata, Diaphragmatic

Stomata, Lymphatic

Stomata, Peritoneal

Stomatas, Diaphragmatic

Natural openings in the subdiaphragmatic lymphatic plexus in the PERITONEUM, delimited by adjacent mesothelial cells. Peritoneal stomata constitute the principal pathways for the drainage of intraperitoneal contents from the PERITONEAL CAVITY to the LYMPHATIC SYSTEM.