Pharmacogenomic Variants


Genetic Variant, Pharmacokinetic

Genetic Variants, Pharmacokinetic

Pharmacogenetic Variant

Pharmacogenetic Variants

Pharmacogenomic Variant

Pharmacokinetic Genetic Variant

Pharmacokinetic Genetic Variants

Variant, Pharmacogenetic

Variant, Pharmacogenomic

Variants, Pharmacogenetic

Variants, Pharmacogenomic

Naturally occurring genetic variations associated with drug response (e.g., dosage, extent and rate of metabolic processes). While these variants are not markers for GENETIC PREDISPOSITION TO DISEASE they influence PHARMACOKINETICS and pharmacodynamics and often occur on genes encoding drug metabolism enzymes and transporters (e.g., ANGIOTENSIN CONVERTING ENZYME; CYTOCHROME P-450 CYP2D6).