Phosphodiesterase I


5' Exonuclease

5' Nucleotidephosphodiesterase



Alkaline Phosphodiesterase

Alkaline Phosphodiesterase I

Diester Phosphohydrolase, Orthophosphoric

Oligonucleate 5' Nucleotidohydrolase

Oligonucleate 5'-Nucleotidohydrolase

Orthophosphoric Diester Phosphohydrolase

Phosphodiesterase I, Alkaline

Phosphodiesterase, Alkaline

Phosphohydrolase, Orthophosphoric Diester

A phosphoric diester hydrolase that removes 5'-nucleotides from the 3'-hydroxy termini of 3'-hydroxy-terminated OLIGONUCLEOTIDES. It has low activity towards POLYNUCLEOTIDES and the presence of 3'-phosphate terminus on the substrate may inhibit hydrolysis.