Phospholipid Ethers


1 Alkyl 2 Acylphosphatidates


Ether Phosphatidates

Ether Phospholipids

Ethers, Glycerol Phosphate

Ethers, Glycerophosphate

Ethers, Phospholipid

Glycerol Phosphate Ethers

Glycerophosphate Ethers

Phosphate Ethers, Glycerol

Phosphatidates, Ether

Phospholipids, Ether

Phospholipids which have an alcohol moiety in ethereal linkage with a saturated or unsaturated aliphatic alcohol. They are usually derivatives of phosphoglycerols or phosphatidates. The other two alcohol groups of the glycerol backbone are usually in ester linkage. These compounds are widely distributed in animal tissues.