Plasma Cell Granuloma, Pulmonary


Granuloma, Plasma Cell, Pulmonary

Inflammatory Pseudotumor of Lung

Inflammatory Pseudotumor, Pulmonary

Inflammatory Pseudotumors, Pulmonary

Inflammatory Pulmonary Pseudotumor

Inflammatory Pulmonary Pseudotumors

Plasma Cell Granuloma of Lung

Pseudotumor, Inflammatory, Pulmonary

Pseudotumor, Pulmonary Inflammatory

Pulmonary Granuloma, Plasma Cell

Pulmonary Inflammatory Pseudotumor

Pulmonary Inflammatory Pseudotumors

Pulmonary Plasma Cell Granuloma

Pulmonary Pseudotumor, Inflammatory

Pulmonary Pseudotumors, Inflammatory

A tumor-like inflammatory lesion of the lung that is composed of PLASMA CELLS and fibrous tissue. It is also known as an inflammatory pseudotumor, often with calcification and measuring between 2 and 5 cm in diameter.