Autosomal Dominant Porencephaly Type 1

Congenital Porencephaly

Developmental Porencephaly

Encephaloclastic Porencephaly

Familial Porencephalic White Matter Disease

Familial Porencephaly

Infantile Hemiplegia with Porencephaly


Porencephaly Type 1

Porencephaly Type 1s

Porencephaly, Congenital

Porencephaly, Developmental

Porencephaly, Encephaloclastic

Porencephaly, Familial

Porencephaly, Post-traumatic

Porencephaly, Type 1

Porencephaly, Type 1, Autosomal Dominant

Post traumatic Porencephaly

Post-traumatic Porencephaly

Type 1 Porencephaly

Cortical malformations characterized by white matter-lined cleft or cyst associated with ISCHEMIA and hemorrhagic insults. Symptoms include delayed growth and development, HYPOTONIA; SEIZURES; SPASTIC HEMIPLEGIA and MACROCEPHALY; MICROCEPHALY; or HYDROCEPHALUS. Mutations in the genes encoding COLLAGEN TYPE IV are associated with familial types.