Potassium Channels, Tandem Pore Domain


Background Potassium Channel

Background Potassium Channels

Baseline Potassium Channel

Baseline Potassium Channels

K+ Channels, Tandem Pore Domain

Leak Potassium Channel

Leak Potassium Channels

Potassium Channel, Background

Potassium Channel, Baseline

Potassium Channel, Leak

Potassium Channel, Tandem Pore Domain

Potassium Channels, Background

Potassium Channels, Baseline

Potassium Channels, Leak

Tandem Pore Domain Potassium Channel

Tandem Pore Domain Potassium Channels

Potassium channels that contain two pores in tandem. They are responsible for baseline or leak currents and may be the most numerous of all K channels.