Procollagen-Lysine, 2-Oxoglutarate 5-Dioxygenase


2-Oxoglutarate 5-Dioxygenase Procollagen-Lysine

2-Oxoglutarate Dioxygenase, Lysine

5-Dioxygenase Procollagen-Lysine, 2-Oxoglutarate

Collagen Lysyl Hydroxylase

Dioxygenase, Lysine 2-Oxoglutarate

Hydroxylase, Collagen Lysyl

Hydroxylase, Lysine

Hydroxylase, Lysyl

Hydroxylase, Protocollagen Lysyl

Lysine 2 Oxoglutarate Dioxygenase

Lysine 2-Oxoglutarate Dioxygenase

Lysine Hydroxylase

Lysyl Hydroxylase

Procollagen Lysine, 2 Oxoglutarate 5 Dioxygenase

Procollagen-L-lysine,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase (5-hydroxylating)

Protocollagen Lysyl Hydroxylase

A mixed-function oxygenase that catalyzes the hydroxylation of peptidyllysine, usually in protocollagen, to peptidylhydroxylysine. The enzyme utilizes molecular oxygen with concomitant oxidative decarboxylation of the cosubstrate 2-oxoglutarate to succinate. EC