Prokaryotic Initiation Factor-1


IF-1, Initiation Factor

Initiation Factor IF 1

Initiation Factor IF-1

Initiation Factor-1, Prokaryotic

Peptide Initiation Factor 1, Prokaryotic

Peptide Initiation Factor IF 1

Peptide Initiation Factor IF-1

Peptide Initiation Factor-1, Prokaryotic

Prokaryotic Initiation Factor 1

Prokaryotic Peptide Initiation Factor 1

Prokaryotic Peptide Initiation Factor-1

The smallest of the three prokaryotic initiation factors with a molecular size of approximately 8 kD. It binds near the A-site of the 30S subunit of RIBOSOMES and may play a role in preventing premature addition of aminoacyl-tRNA-linked PEPTIDE ELONGATION FACTOR TU to the ribosome during the initiation of a peptide chain (PEPTIDE CHAIN INITIATION, TRANSLATIONAL).