Protein Disulfide Reductase (Glutathione)


Disulfide Oxidoreductase, Thiol-Protein

Glutathione Insulin Transhydrogenase

Glutathione Protein Disulfide Oxidoreductase

Glutathione:protein-disulfide oxidoreductase

Insulin Transhydrogenase, Glutathione

Oxidoreductase, Thiol-Disulfide

Oxidoreductase, Thiol-Protein Disulfide

Thiol Disulfide Oxidoreductase

Thiol Protein Disulfide Oxidoreductase

Thiol-Disulfide Oxidoreductase

Thiol-Protein Disulfide Oxidoreductase

Transhydrogenase, Glutathione Insulin

An enzyme that catalyzes the reduction of a protein-disulfide in the presence of glutathione, forming a protein-dithiol. Insulin is one of its substrates. EC