Protein Modification, Translational


Amino Acid Modification, Co Translational

Amino Acid Modification, Co-Translational

Amino Acid Modification, Pre Translational

Amino Acid Modification, Pre-Translational

Amino Acid Modification, Pretranslational

Amino Acid Modification, Translational

Co Translational Amino Acid Modification

Co Translational Protein Processing

Co-Translational Amino Acid Modification

Co-Translational Protein Modification

Co-Translational Protein Modifications

Co-Translational Protein Processing

Cotranslational Protein Modification

Cotranslational Protein Modifications

Cotranslational Protein Processing

Modification, Co-Translational Protein

Modifications, Co-Translational Protein

Pre Translational Amino Acid Modification

Pre-Translational Amino Acid Modification

Pretranslational Amino Acid Modification

Processing, Co-Translational Protein

Protein Modification, Co Translational

Protein Modification, Co-Translational

Protein Modification, Cotranslational

Protein Modifications, Co-Translational

Protein Modifications, Cotranslational

Protein Modifications, Translational

Protein Processing, Co Translational

Protein Processing, Co-Translational

Protein Processing, Cotranslational

Protein Processing, Translational

Translational Amino Acid Modification

Translational Protein Modification

Translational Protein Modifications

Translational Protein Processing

Any of the enzymatically catalyzed modifications of the individual AMINO ACIDS of PROTEINS, and enzymatic cleavage or crosslinking of peptide chains that occur pre-translationally (on the amino acid component of AMINO ACYL TRNA), co-translationally (during the process of GENETIC TRANSLATION), or after translation is completed (POST-TRANSLATIONAL PROTEIN PROCESSING).