Protein Phosphatase 2C


2C, Protein Phosphatase

Magnesium Dependent Protein Phosphatase 2C beta

Magnesium-Dependent Protein Phosphatase 2C beta

PP2C beta



PPM1 Magnesium Dependent Protein Phosphatases

PPM1 Magnesium-Dependent Protein Phosphatases

PPM1 Protein Phosphatases

PPM1D Phosphatase

PPM1E Phosphatase

PPM1G Phosphatase

Phosphatase 2C, Protein

Phosphatase, PPM1D

Phosphatase, PPM1E

Phosphatase, PPM1G

Phosphatase, Ppm1b

Phosphatase, Ptc2

Phosphatases, PPM1 Protein

Ppm1b Phosphatase

Protein Phosphatase 1D Magnesium Dependent, delta isoform

Protein Phosphatase 1D Magnesium-Dependent, delta isoform

Protein Phosphatase 2C beta

Protein Phosphatase 2C delta

Protein Phosphatase 2C epsilon

Protein Phosphatase 2C gamma

Protein Phosphatases, PPM1

Ptc2 Phosphatase

beta, PP2C

One of four major classes of mammalian serine/threonine specific protein phosphatases. Protein phosphatase 2C is a monomeric enzyme about 42 kDa in size. It shows broad substrate specificity dependent on divalent cations (mainly manganese and magnesium). Three isozymes are known in mammals: PP2C -alpha, -beta and -gamma. In yeast, there are four PP2C homologues: phosphatase PTC1 that have weak tyrosine phosphatase activity, phosphatase PTC2, phosphatase PTC3, and PTC4. Isozymes of PP2C also occur in Arabidopsis thaliana where the kinase-associated protein phosphatase (KAPP) containing a C-terminal PP2C domain, dephosphorylates Ser/Thr receptor-like kinase RLK5.