Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-myb


Proto Oncogene Products c myb

Proto Oncogene Protein myb

Proto Oncogene Proteins c myb

Proto Oncogene Proteins myb

Proto-Oncogene Products c-myb

Proto-Oncogene Protein myb

Proto-Oncogene Proteins myb

Proto-Oncogene Proteins, myb

c myb Protein

c myb Proteins

c-myb Protein

c-myb Proteins

c-myb, Proto-Oncogene Products

c-myb, Proto-Oncogene Proteins

myb Proto Oncogene Proteins

myb Proto-Oncogene Proteins

myb, Proto-Oncogene Protein

myb, Proto-Oncogene Proteins

Cellular DNA-binding proteins encoded by the myb gene (GENES, MYB). They are expressed in a wide variety of cells including thymocytes and lymphocytes, and regulate cell differentiation. Overexpression of myb is associated with autoimmune diseases and malignancies.

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