Rats, Inbred Dahl


Dahl Hypertensive Rats

Dahl Rats

Dahl Rats, Inbred

Dahl Salt Resistant Rats

Dahl Salt Sensitive Rats

Dahl Salt-Resistant Rats

Dahl Salt-Sensitive Rats

Hypertensive Rats, Dahl

Inbred Dahl Rats

Rats, Dahl

Rats, Dahl Hypertensive

Rats, Dahl Salt-Resistant

Rats, Dahl Salt-Sensitive

Salt-Resistant Rats, Dahl

Salt-Sensitive Rats, Dahl

Inbred rats derived from Sprague-Dawley rats and used for the study of salt-dependent hypertension. Salt-sensitive and salt-resistant strains have been selectively bred to show the opposite genetically determined blood pressure responses to excess sodium chloride ingestion.