Receptor, PAR-2


PAR 2 Receptor

PAR-2 Receptor

PAR2 Receptor

Protease Activated Receptor 2

Protease-Activated Receptor 2

Proteinase Activated Receptor 2

Receptor 2, Protease-Activated

Receptor, PAR 2

Receptor, PAR2

Receptor, Trypsin

Receptors, Trypsin

Trypsin Receptor

Trypsin Receptors

A G-protein-coupled, proteinase-activated receptor that is expressed in a variety of tissues including ENDOTHELIUM; LEUKOCYTES; and the GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT. The receptor is activated by TRYPSIN, which cleaves off the N-terminal peptide from the receptor. The new N-terminal peptide is a cryptic ligand for the receptor. The uncleaved receptor can also be activated by the N-terminal peptide present on the activated THROMBIN RECEPTOR and by small synthetic peptides that contain the unmasked N-terminal sequence.