Receptors, GABA-A


Benzodiazepine GABA Receptor

Benzodiazepine Gaba Receptors

Benzodiazepine Receptor

Benzodiazepine Receptors

Benzodiazepine-GABA Receptor

Benzodiazepine-Gaba Receptors

Diazepam Receptor

Diazepam Receptors

GABA A Receptor

GABA A Receptor alpha Subunit

GABA A Receptor beta Subunit

GABA A Receptor delta Subunit

GABA A Receptor epsilon Subunit

GABA A Receptor gamma Subunit

GABA A Receptor rho Subunit

GABA A Receptors

GABA Benzodiazepine Receptor

GABA Benzodiazepine Receptors

GABA(A) Receptor

GABA-A Receptor

GABA-A Receptor alpha Subunit

GABA-A Receptor beta Subunit

GABA-A Receptor delta Subunit

GABA-A Receptor epsilon Subunit

GABA-A Receptor gamma Subunit

GABA-A Receptor rho Subunit

GABA-A Receptors

GABA-Benzodiazepine Receptor

GABA-Benzodiazepine Receptors

Muscimol Receptor

Muscimol Receptors

Receptor, Benzodiazepine

Receptor, Benzodiazepine-GABA

Receptor, Diazepam

Receptor, GABA-A

Receptor, GABA-Benzodiazepine

Receptor, Muscimol

Receptors, Benzodiazepine

Receptors, Benzodiazepine GABA

Receptors, Benzodiazepine-GABA

Receptors, Diazepam

Receptors, GABA A

Receptors, GABA Benzodiazepine

Receptors, GABA-Benzodiazepine

Receptors, Muscimol

delta Subunit, GABA A Receptor

delta Subunit, GABA-A Receptor

epsilon Subunit, GABA A Receptor

epsilon Subunit, GABA-A Receptor

gamma Aminobutyric Acid Subtype A Receptors

gamma-Aminobutyric Acid Subtype A Receptors

Cell surface proteins which bind GAMMA-AMINOBUTYRIC ACID and contain an integral membrane chloride channel. Each receptor is assembled as a pentamer from a pool of at least 19 different possible subunits. The receptors belong to a superfamily that share a common CYSTEINE loop.