Receptors, Thyrotropin


LATS Receptors

Receptor, LATS Immunoglobulins

Receptor, TSH

Receptor, Thyrotropin

Receptors, LATS

Receptors, Long Acting Thyroid Stimulator

Receptors, Long-Acting Thyroid Stimulator

Receptors, TSH

Receptors, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

TSH Receptor

TSH Receptors

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Receptor

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Receptors

Thyrotropin Receptor

Thyrotropin Receptors

Cell surface proteins that bind pituitary THYROTROPIN (also named thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH) and trigger intracellular changes of the target cells. TSH receptors are present in the nervous system and on target cells in the thyroid gland. Autoantibodies to TSH receptors are implicated in thyroid diseases such as GRAVES DISEASE and Hashimoto disease (THYROIDITIS, AUTOIMMUNE).