Renal Colic


Acute Renal Colic

Acute Renal Colics

Colic, Acute Renal

Colic, Renal

Colic, Ureteral

Colics, Acute Renal

Colics, Renal

Colics, Ureteral

Renal Colic, Acute

Renal Colics

Renal Colics, Acute

Ureteral Colic

Ureteral Colics

A severe intermittent and spasmodic pain in the lower back radiating to the groin, scrotum, and labia which is most commonly caused by a kidney stone (RENAL CALCULUS) passing through the URETER or by other urinary track blockage. It is often associated with nausea, vomiting, fever, restlessness, dull pain, frequent urination, and HEMATURIA.