RNA Precursors


Pre mRNA

Pre rRNA

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Precursor RNA

Precursor, RNA

Precursor, mRNA

Precursor, rRNA

Precursor, snRNA

Precursor, tRNA

Precursors, RNA

Primary RNA Transcript

Primary Transcript, RNA

RNA Precursor

RNA Primary Transcript

RNA Transcript, Primary

RNA, Messenger, Precursors

RNA, Precursor

RNA, Ribosomal, Precursors

RNA, Small Nuclear, Precursors

RNA, Transfer, Precursors

Transcript, Primary RNA

Transcript, RNA Primary

mRNA Precursor

rRNA Precursor

snRNA Precursor

tRNA Precursor

RNA transcripts of the DNA that are in some unfinished stage of post-transcriptional processing (RNA PROCESSING, POST-TRANSCRIPTIONAL) required for function. RNA precursors may undergo several steps of RNA SPLICING during which the phosphodiester bonds at exon-intron boundaries are cleaved and the introns are excised. Consequently a new bond is formed between the ends of the exons. Resulting mature RNAs can then be used; for example, mature mRNA (RNA, MESSENGER) is used as a template for protein production.